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It's been awhile. So I'm mostly just going to dump all my random thoughts here.
Sometimes I wonder if I would be more reliable at blogging if people would actually read my blog. But maybe people are waiting for me to be more reliable first. I'll never know. I have no idea what I am doing with my life other than wasting it away. It's my 21st birthday in a week and a half. I'm pretty disinterested in drinking so I don't care that much. I haven't planned anything. I have low expectations.

I've spent a lot of time/money the last few weeks as I spontaneously got into watching Glee. I'd been avoiding it purposely, mostly since I already waste too much time and partly because I resist things that are recommended to me. I finally gave in, though. I've watched most of the episodes now and bought 3 CDs from the Borders I would occasionally visit. It's closing now, which is too bad, but it resulted in its merchandise being on sale, which I am always a fan of. So I splurged on some CDs.
Then I listened to them all while dying my hair today. I hate the smell of the dye while I'm using it, but I love the way my hair smells after I've rinsed and conditioned it. I love my hair dark. I wish it was just like this on its own, but I'll settle for coloring it every so often. 

I've been renting lots of movies from the library lately. Finally getting around to some that had been on my list to watch for awhile, as well as some random ones I hadn't really been planning on. In case you were wondering, these are what I've watched in the last few weeks:
The Invention of Lying
Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging
The Graduate
Annie Hall
Away We Go
Music and Lyrics
Good Night, and Good Luck
Last Chance Harvey
Mostly mediocre but enjoyable. Did not like Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. Adorable book series, terrible movie. The rest were good, though. I'm especially glad I finally watched The Graduate straight through. I really do like that one.

I've been meaning to go see The King's Speech in theaters. Hopefully I will actually remember before it's gone from them. I never went to see The Social Network, and now I want to, but there is no way I'll get it from the library any time soon. I mean, I requested the soundtrack to Harry Potter 7 on January 8th and finally got it this past Thursday. And common sense tells me that more people like movies than like soundtracks.

I need to quit watching entire seasons of shows at once and shopping when I am bored of watching seasons of shows. But I really haven't got a social life and I go crazy if I actually do homework/housework/useful tasks all the time. I should be doing them, but I can't bring myself to do anything productive. Something needs to change here but I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe I don't know what to do, maybe part of me doesn't want to. 

I miss high school speech and I miss living in the dorms. I always had people around me to hang out with and be awake with at weird times of the night. I miss social interaction outside of class and my roommate. But it fails most times I try to set up something with people. No one wants to come, or they have to leave early, or they have zero interest in anything I want to do and it's only what they want. I miss having friends around all the time, however real or fake they may have been, I miss them.

Well that should be enough pathetic/random for one blog post. 
Maybe I'll be back, less sporadically and less random.
No promises, though.

Good night, and good luck. Or something.