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More photos. More words.

I like these glass-bottled cold drinks, especially when it’s too hot in my apartment for coffee to be an acceptable choice. I also hoard the empty bottles. Someday they will house flowers, if I ever find a good place to put them.

And for what is apparently a regular segment on this blog: Maggie reviews new snacks.
First up, Hershey’s Air Delight. Conclusion: It’s a thicker, weirder looking regular Hershey’s bar. It tastes exactly the same.
I’ve also tried Wild Strawberry and Cherry Turnover Poptarts. Wild Strawberry is good, although the only “wild” thing is the frosting colors. Cherry Turnover is really boring. I blame the lack of sprinkles.

The first thing I wrote in my new planner. It’s important, okay? Honestly, though, I am very worried that this season won’t be good.

Update from the last blog post with photos: both the John Green books I checked out were awesome. Continuing with more John Green and adding in some Maureen Johnson, I continue my summer of reading YA lit. (Side Note: stupid library, why on earth do you find it necessary to cover the TITLE and one of the authors’ names? gaaah)
After finishing Paper Towns outside of Starbucks, I rode my bike home to find that John Green was doing a live YouTube show talking about his new book, The Fault in our Stars. He’s signing all the copies that are preordered, so naturally I had to do that. It doesn’t have an official cover, it’s not even coming out until next April or May, and yet it’s #1 on Amazon & Barnes and Noble. Amazing. I’m so excited.
It’s hot again today. Venturing to bum around a mall shortly. Maybe I’ll go see a movie. I don’t think I’ve been to the theater since…January? I don’t even know. Maybe I’ve been since then, but I can’t remember. Eh. Whatever. Stay cool.



I watched The Importance of Being Earnest tonight. I have to say that I liked it more than the older movie version I’ve seen, mostly due to the fact that they included my favorite line in this version.

Also it had Colin Firth. You really can’t go wrong with Colin Firth.

I don’t think there will ever be a time that I do not enjoy Earnest. It never fails to make me laugh, even though I practically know it by heart.

After I was done watching the movie, I needed a snack…

So naturally, I made tea (Constant Comment) and an English muffin. Which, despite being somewhat freezer-burnt and stale, I ate. Because it was too appropriate.

“And besides, I am particularly fond of muffins.”


The Importance of Being Earnest


RECENTLY. in pictures.

Thrift store finds – 90s soundtracks, awesome (& comfortable) purple moccasins.

When it got to 102 degrees, I spent the whole day at the Mall of America for air conditioning, food, and something to do. I had to get a crunchwrap – I am kind of obsessed with them.

I took it upon myself to try these new candy bars I hadn’t seen before. Sadly, despite loving both coconut and Twix, the two combined is absolutely disgusting. The Truffle Crisps were really good, though!

I love me some of this. I’ve been eating it with carrots.

After not using Stella (my 1952 Schwinn bike) for about a week, I went out and discovered her lock had been cut! She was right where I left her, though. Except now when I ride her, she makes some pretty questionable noises. Luckily I just had another lock inside so she’s safe again.

After a bit of a break, I’m resuming my efforts to see movies that I’ve been meaning to see. Picked these guys up from the library today.

And, because it’s summer, I’m also working on reading books I’ve been meaning to. Picked up these by John Green at the library today, too. So far this summer I’ve read Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan as well as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.