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Good day. I say good day!

Today was a successful day, I feel.

We thought we were going to leave work really early, but then when we were almost done packing up the last order of school planners for the day...someone noticed the school's name was spelled wrong on the cover. FAIL. It said "Thomsom" instead of "Thomson". By the way, these planners go through many steps of different people looking at them and it took THAT long for anyone to seriously think anything of it. Anyway, after working on undoing all that we had done for that school, our boss told us we could leave at noon anyway. Even though I could use the extra money from working those last few hours, I decided to leave and get stuff done.

I got my hair cut. This was extremely overdue. I cannot adequately explain to you how bad it had gotten. I loved the length, but there were some seriously awful split ends happening. (Probably because my last trim was in January...) So yes. I got about 2.5 inches feels short, but sooooo much healthier. :)

Then I went to the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. Definitely a win.
This picture is bad. BUT. That would be No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom (from 1995), Sugar Ray - 14:59 (from 1999), and The Rembrandts - L.P. (also 1995). 
THEN I found these: 
I had these shoes (only a size smaller) maybe since 9th grade and got rid of them senior year? I don't know for sure. I LOVED them, except they were kind of small and hurt my toes a lot, so after years of hoping it would improve, I finally gave up. These shoes actually crossed my mind recently, randomly enough. And here they were at the thrift store. They're a full size up from my old ones, which is a bit much. I could've done with a half size. But I can make these work, with those weird things you can buy to stick in the know. Whatever. I am so excited to have these shoes back in my life. I just need places to wear them now. :)

BONUS: all 3 CDs and the shoes were less than $5 total. I love that place. Although I was disappointed that they didn't have any cassettes. I want some tunes in my truck. 

Finally, went to the dentist today. I accidentally haven't been for a year and a half...and oooh my goodness do my teeth feel nice. Seriously. I am never waiting that long again.

So, happy day. Happy blog update. Happy almost the weekend! :)


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