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Mini Vacation. Candy. Etc.

Today, my family went on a mini vacation. We went to the Buggy Wheel antique place (it's off Highway 10 on the way to Detroit Lakes) which amused me. I saw awesome old bikes and was really tempted to buy an old Samsonite suitcase...but it was a weird brown so I resisted, despite having long been on a quest for old luggage. (I want to store things in it, not actually use it for travelling.) Then we went to Shoreham and ate fried walleye, which was delicious. We drove through DL for fun, and I was super disappointed to see that the long-defunct and creepy looking- but very much a place I remember from childhood- Kiddieland was now an apartment complex. Even though it closed when I was really young, I still was amused by looking at its rusting, falling-apart rides. They were pretty creepy and dingy looking when the place was still open.

On the way home, we went to the General Store in Sabin. (Here is their website if you don't know what I'm talking about I love this place. Got a HUGE waffle cone of cookies and creme ice cream, so-called single scoop that could leave me full for an entire day. Also picked up some Mexican Fresca, Pepsi natural, and a cream soda for later. I love going there because all these unique and classic pops come in glass bottles, and I am basically obsessed with glass bottles. I collect them. They also have weird, retro, and foreign candy. I picked up some Canadian/British candy :

I have had the Smarties before but not the coconut, although I'm assuming it'll be pretty similar to a Mounds. While looking around at all the awesome candy, I finally found a candy I have been searching for ever since I was introduced to it earlier this spring...the TWIN BING!

It is actually a super weird candy but I definitely fell in love with it...whoops :P Seriously, though, I was so excited when I found them.
It is ridiculously hard not to buy every candy they have...

Also. Last thing. Completely irrelevant. But today after I took a shower, I did not wrap my hair up in a towel to dry it, then comb it out. I just let it dry without any combing whatsoever. SHOCKER: it dried all wavy! Seriously, I am so excited. I try really hard to make the waves come out, and the secret all along was DO NOTHING! Mind blown. Hoping that it's not just a one-time occurrence...


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