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Laziness, and a bonus book review.

I really fail at keeping up with this. I have ideas written down...things to blog about...but I never seem to get past the idea stage. Whoops. It's kind of strange...I started this blog, but I don't read very many blogs. In fact, I only follow one blog that is not specifically beauty-related. I probably need to find some others to read...maybe it would give me more inspiration. I don't know. Maybe I just need to quit being lazy about it.

About a month ago, if not more, I finished reading A Little Bit Wicked - Kristin Chenoweth's book. Honestly, I loved it. I want to get coffee with her. I always have been amused by her appearances on talk shows, especially Ellen's, I enjoyed her on Pushing Daisies, and the song Taylor, The Latte Boy is probably one of my favorites. Reading this book just made me like her more. Seriously, I want to invite her over for Thanksgiving or something. Despite the fact that her story is often taking place on Broadway or filming something in LA, she somehow still comes across as a regular person. I don't know how that's possible...but it is. She just seems delightful. It's an amusing, light read...goes pretty quickly. I recommend it. :)

Also, how someone so small can sing that loudly will never make sense to me.


Anonymous said...

You really would love Glee. But you continue to criticize it. .. Chenoweth is on Glee as like, a hilarious whore! You'd loveit!

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