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Good grief.

Trying to find a campus job is very disheartening. I am seriously not qualified for anything on the U of M employment site. I do not have work study funds. I do not have prior office experience/education. I cannot use technology. I do NOT have work study funds. I have no experience tutoring. I STILL DON'T HAVE WORK STUDY FUNDS. Good grief. I need a job too, dammit. I have trouble believing there are that many people with work study funds. Seriously, all the jobs I would possibly otherwise be qualified for say "work study required".

Maybe it's for the better if I can't find a campus job. They all want me to submit a resume. I don't have a resume, and I clearly don't have much experience that would make creating one worthwhile. Apparently a factory job was not a good use of my time this summer...definitely not helping now.

Ok. I'll quit whining. It's just that "not being able to pay rent" isn't exactly on my to-do list this year. Meh.

EDIT: Page 5 of 6. Found one I'm qualified for. Parking attendant. Again, good grief.


Taryn said...

Parking attendants make good money for not really doing anything. But yeah that sucks. Starbucks? (the non-Coffman one...)

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