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STOMP and things that are beautiful

This is my blog for the 2nd. It's just after 1AM.

My mom and brother came down this weekend so that we could go to the STOMP performance at the Ordway.
IT WAS SO COOL. Seriously.
Also the guy sitting directly in front of me had the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen. It was honestly a bit of a challenge to refrain from just touching it...haha. Really, though, my hair is not even close to being that shiny or wavy or healthy looking. WHAT is his secret?

In less creepy news, it was gorgeous outside today. My mom and brother and I walked approximately 4 1/4 miles today, visiting Northeast and Dinkytown from my apartment. We also walked around downtown St. Paul a bit before the show, but not enough for me to bother calculating what it was. A few blocks to parking and back, really. Point being: I LOVE THIS WEATHER. Obviously that means it'll not be that pleasant again tomorrow, but I'll take what I can get.

The building/house next door had a door labeled ONE. There was no TWO door to be seen.
(At Our Lady of Lourdes church)

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