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I'm hungry.

Today I woke up before 9. So obviously I haven't used that time to my advantage.

I tend to wake up earlier when I go to bed later. I don't understand it. Also my body apparently likes 6 hours of sleep. That's what I get if I go to bed and get up when it tells me to. I just need to do that regularly. I did pretty well freshman year on a 3-9 sleep schedule. This year I'm much more all over the place. Sometimes I go to bed at 1. Sometimes at 4. Although partly because I have to change when I wake up every other day. Hmm.

Getting up a little earlier than usual apparently confused my hunger schedule. I had lunch at 11 because I was hungry. Now I'm hungry for dinner. it is 4:30. Under no circumstances is 4:30 a normal/acceptable time to eat dinner. I even had a snack! Honestly. My body's demands for food and sleep make no sense.

Things I needed to accomplish this weekend:
Write a research paper.
Learn French.
Read at least half of Indian book.
Take out recycling.
Watch La Vie en Rose

Things I have accomplished:
Half the dishes?
Added all recent things to Wall of Stuff.
Cleaned room.

Well, at least I'm keeping up with my blog/photography project.

Currently listening to: Ben Folds

Drying my tshirts

The wall of stuff in its current state.


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