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So I don't know where my phone is. I feel really weird. I never know what time it is. I never really noticed how often I think of a random thing to text someone. It isn't important enough for me to call about it or whatever, but just something amusing. I do it all the time apparently, because I definitely noticed not being able to do it. I really, really hope it's just off and at Rachel's apartment...otherwise I will have to go back to my old Razr. No one wants that. (By 'no one' I actually just mean 'I'. No one else cares probably) And I would have to acquire a new memory card. I am infinitely glad I decided to empty my memory card yesterday, though! I would have been so sad to lose all my 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship pics. (I really will still talk about that concert)

Anyway, besides THAT, I deleted all my 'rules' in my Outlook and then redid them so they make more sense. Hopefully they actually do what I want them to this time. I tried making it very clear. We'll see, I guess. I probably just need to be subscribed to fewer store newsletters...but I just can't let go of potential coupons! Too bad most stores don't offer a choice to only be notified of coupons and sales, and not every new item they get in...

I made some cutoff shorts and pjs from my brother's old pants yesterday. And scored some sweats that didn't fit him anymore. Then today I cut up some shirts I never wear into more interesting shirts. Hopefully this kick I'm on of making new clothes from old/cheap/weird clothes keeps up. It's cheap. Now if only I can figure out something to do with that HUGE bleach stain on my favorite PINK hoodie...


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