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Kate Nash

Yeah, okay, this is a bit overdue. I went to the Kate Nash concert at First Avenue last Wednesday. I was super excited because the tickets were really cheap and I LOVE Kate Nash. I was a little disappointed in my concert experience, however. As amazing and spunky as she and her music are, I (and clearly much of the audience) was a bit bored. It's not like she sounded bad - she definitely sounded fantastic - there just wasn't a lot of energy. People were mostly standing still, with a few jumpers. People at the bar or the tables seemed to just talk and talk and not even really be paying attention to the show. It was just kind of a let-down as far as the energy level. I feel like I was expecting the vibes from the crowd to be spunky like Kate and her music. Not a totally bad experience, though. I still got to see and hear her, got some decent pictures, and got to spend time at First Ave, which I love. Plus it was cheap. I'm still going to buy her new CD, don't worry. : )


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