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Sometimes I am bitchy. I know this. If I know a random fact that you are wrong about, I will keep going. If you are driving me nuts, I'll probably let you know. Except in a few rare circumstances, this is absolutely not because I hate you. It is because I am a real person and I am not going to pretend to be something else. I respect you enough to tell you if you are being obnoxious because I want to keep spending time around you. If I don't like you and you are bothering me, I will probably just leave. So just know that I respect you as a person enough to be myself around you and not put on a false front and pretend to be someone I'm not.

Friendships are so important. Friends don't deserve to be led on any more than a potential significant other. Pretending to care about someone you actually strongly dislike is never okay. Even if they never find out they aren't liked and get hurt, falsely trusting someone is no good. Probably the worst situation to be in is one who has    confided in one of these fake people. I have been there. I have told secrets to her. I have gotten what I assumed was honest, legitimate advice. I have been respectful enough to tell her when she was hurting my feelings. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. That was silly of me.In the end, though, I believe that I am better than I was before. I believe that nothing was lost except for time.

Even though it may hurt my feelings, even though I may get defensive, please be honest with me. Let me know if you hate it when I do something. Let me know if I hurt your feelings. Please. I mean it. I know I deserve real people and real friends. Be one for me. I'll be one for you. Promise.


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