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Hotdogs, Gospel Choir, The End.

I was supposed to be productive today. 
I had more than enough time to do everything for the rest of the WEEK today, because I really don't have that much left to do, and I had a lot of free time. 
Instead, I did nothing that really needed to be done. 
The moving out floor meeting was today. Compete with cookout. That was good. I love hot dogs. 
I cleaned up my stuff. 
I made a sunglasses case out of my old pj shorts and duct tape, which I am actually pretty proud of. Using old fabric and duct tape is remarkably useful and really, really cheap. I wish other people thought duct tape was as cool of a material as I did, because I would more than willing to make things for people. (At a price, naturally.)

The last gospel choir concert was tonight. I went to it, by myself. The concert was fantastic and amusing as always. It doesn't matter that I don't even believe in God or whatever.  I can still enjoy the music, the rhythms, the talented voices, and the incredible energy that that HUGE group produces. I'm really sad that that's the last one, but I'm also really glad I went to all the concerts I knew about while I was here. 

I just remembered something. At brunch today, I was grumbling about how I really did not want to do work today, but rather just lay around doing nothing until the gospel choir concert. That is exactly what I ended up doing. Typical. 

Officially the last week of class. Officially, I am done on Wednesday by noon, and that is just a review for the test. I am so excited to be done with homework and class. I am SO done living in this dorm and eating this dorm food. I'm not sure if I'm ready to live so far from all of my friends. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go back home. Or "home," maybe. I'll always feel more at home in the city, I think. Oh well, there's still free rent and a full-time job waiting for me there. And dogs. :)


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